What we believe in and what we stand for

Entertainment and performance

We promote warmth, happiness and fun. We create a working environment in which people like to work with each other others and in the company. We create a place of fun and happiness.

At the same time, we also create a space where execution and results are most important. Everyone is expected to that they will carry out the agreed, to the best of their ability, and take full responsibility for their own work and results.

Since we are a remote company, there is personal responsibility and full responsibility for results vital and an absolute obligation of every team member.

Steady profitable growth

We are committed to continuous profitable growth. All our decisions and actions are permanent according to the principle
to grow.

Strategic fluidity

We are 100% strategically fluid. In a humble start, we are ready and able to change
as soon as new circumstances dictate.

Processes + agility

We are a process-based company, but at the same time we allow ourselves to be fully agile when required
conditions. We are creating a company based on processes and controlled chaos.

We only create products and brands with a positive impact

We sell good stuff that works, does what it says, and has a neutral to positive impact.
We do not sell things with a negative effect.

How do we act and work in everyday life?

  • Our communication is clear and precise. We also try to understand the communication between partners and our team and clarify immediately if something is not clear to us.
  • We use relaxed but respectful communication. We can always have fun, tell a joke, but we know and understand that we are working together and behave professionally.
  • We honor our agreements and deadlines. If circumstances change and we cannot fulfill what we promised, we will notify all necessary parties in a timely manner.
  • We are proactive and independent. Finding proactive solutions is our essence.
  • We provide immediate and direct feedback. If we don’t like something, we say so. If we think we have a better solution or option, we say so. Even to superiors. We are always concrete and direct.
  • We know and understand that mistakes happen. However, we do not allow mistakes due to laziness or carelessness.
  • We test ideas, solutions and concepts. An idea that fails the test is never a problem. The problem is if we don’t test the idea. Of course, we must try to do our best when performing a given test.
  • We respect each other and our differences.
  • We are precise.

How do we make decisions?

  • Whenever possible, we always make decisions based on numbers and analysis. Personal beliefs should not be the deciding factor. If a decision cannot be made based on numbers, we make calculations assumptions and make decisions based on our instincts. Some decisions have always been made of course they accept based on assumptions and feelings rather than facts. Which is fine, though we must bear this in mind. Eventually, we need to back up our decision with data.
  • We have to make decisions quickly. We don’t have to be 100% sure of ours decisions. 90 or even 80 percent is enough, if it means that we are faster and more agile. Despite however, we examine the challenges from several perspectives and foresee several outcome scenarios and respond to them we adapt.
  • When we make a certain decision or run a certain test, we always have our end in mind the customer. We need to think about how we would see a certain solution and how we would react to it. Ours we keep the customer in mind throughout the decision-making process.