Brand positioning


Key highlights: 

How did it all begin?

We were approached by an investor who wanted to develop an ecommerce fashion brand and launch it primarily in Western Europe. We immediately approached the project and, on the basis of the agreement, started to organize all the support processes that the company needs in order to start launching its own brand.

The beginnings were tough mainly because of the broad aspect of services that establishing your own brand requires, but in a very short time we realized that we managed to cover all the most critical areas and that’s how SugarOnly started to get its image and story.

The whole process enabled us to learn a lot, of course we also made some mistakes, and now we use all the knowledge with our clients.

Summary of services for the SugarOnly project

A vision for the future

At a time when customer acquisition has become more and more expensive, it is imperative to build a brand that keeps customers coming back. Therefore, of course, it is necessary to have a flawless shopping experience, a suitable portfolio of items and marketing support that activates existing customers to make repeat purchases.

Our goals for the next period for the Sugaronly brand are as follows: