Launching a new product


Key highlights:

The beginnings of cooperation

Anita developed a unique course for the Slovenian market: Gluten-free Sourdough Masterclass. The Qonverto team, on the other hand, provided an exceptional sales-oriented “product launch” through a classic marketing funnel.

The aim of the first phase was to get as many e-mail contacts as possible who showed interest in the product. We wanted to get genuine interest so a product launch was out of the question. We decided to offer a high added value digital product in exchange for leaving an e-mail. Anita decided to run a 5-day webinar, through which she made (together with her students) a gluten-free sourdough starter.

Getting contacts/leads

We decided not to spend even any budget on advertising for contact acquisition. To be honest, the trigger (the webinar) was such an interesting product that we believed we didn’t need advertising at all. So we made sure that the upcoming webinar appeared on various points, allowing the interested public to sign up. We took advantage of Anita’s “owned” media (Anita has a healthy and active base) and we also took advantage of free organic sources to get brand new leads.

The end result was bombastic: we had over 900 sign-ups (= 900 contacts), without investing 1€ in advertising.

Finding the winners

We enabled an automated webinar registration and sent some reminders. On the day of the first webinar, half of the registrants had registered. We realised that it was difficult to expect all 900+ registrants to attend the webinar.

The webinar continued for several days and ended with Anita presenting her new product publicly for the first time with a special offer for those attending the webinar (exclusivity). We added a time limit to the offer, creating FOMO (fear of missing out). Anita also offered a complementary product as a package and we were able to cross-sell.

The final result was a CR of about 15%.


With a short series of sent emails to the entire (webinar) base, we also took care of two things:

1. ensuring that those who could not attend the webinar also received the recording of the webinar

2. that those who were unable to attend the webinar also received the offer. This ensured additional sales.