Financial planning

Financial planning and economic model tailored to Ecommerce to ensure and maximise sustainable financial growth in line with financing capability.

What it includes:

Financial plan (P&L)

  • Financial plan (P&L) based on actual sales model (acquisition VS repurchases, realistic impact of repurchases, accurate calculation of variable costs and variable cost recovery model)
  • Key performance indicators and their impact on the final result
  • Balancing growth investments with financing capabilities and current generated margin, growth financing

Definition of key KPIs

  • Definition and setting of key success indicators for all key business measures (CR, CPM, CTR, ABV, CPC, etc.)
  • Path to profit and waypoints correlated with key KPIs
  • Setting up attribution models
  • Multiplicative effects of direct online sales on wider business (wholesale and sales partners, Amazon, online marketplaces, physical retail sales, etc.)



When DK Glowy approached us and expressed their desire to work with us, we first prepared a complete financial plan for the further development of the brand based on a complex questionnaire and business review. Based on this, we established a realistic framework for cooperation with the client and set clear milestones in terms of the scale of investment required and the expected results.

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