Financial analysis


A good financial analysis is the best starting point for making those key decisions that will significantly improve your business and profitability.

We are the Qonverto team, experts in online sales at home and abroad!

Our team members have previously held leading digital positions in companies such as Studio Moderna, Sensilab and Big Bang. For decades, we have been very successful in developing online departments of the mentioned companies at home and on foreign markets.

Get to know all the key parameters of your business, which have a direct impact on your e-commerce business!

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Do you know the answers to the following questions?

How will you make the most of your investment in marketing?

By using advanced tools today, we can significantly improve attribution and increase the impact of advertising. Do we know how to calculate the profitability of an individual online channel? Do we know how they intertwine and influence each other? There is no such thing as perfect attribution, but with the right methods and analysis, we can get as close to it as possible and thus ensure that we invest money in the right things.

What performance indicators do we need to achieve for our advertising to make sense (CTR, CR, CPM, ROAS...)?

The result of advertising activities (online advertising and influencer marketing) is the result of key indicators that we achieve. Do we know all these indicators and do we realize where we need to focus our energy and activities to improve the most problematic and those with the greatest impact? How, for example, does a 15% change in CTR affect our Facebook performance?

Do you know how the proportion of new customers VS the proportion of old customers affects your business? And how are one or the other profitable?

In order to understand our advertising strategy, it is absolutely necessary to know the share of new and existing customers and their direct profitability. All the key decisions we make on a daily basis come from this.

How much should we invest in a new customer to make the most of his LTV (life time value)?

In the new e-commerce reality, it has become extremely difficult to ensure direct profitability in customer acquisition. However, by knowing the customer’s LTV, we ensure appropriate business growth and maintain profitability in the entire business.

How does the basket value affect our profitability and dependent shipping costs?

The value of our basket affects the result more than we think, since even a minimal increase in the basket significantly lowers certain variable costs. Do we realize how big an impact it has and what decisions we have to make daily to make the basket as big as possible?

How much do we need to raise sales to make it worthwhile to offer free shipping, or at what basket value?

Many companies offer free shipping all the time. Is this really necessary? How much does it cost us? How much would it improve our business if, for example, we offered free shipping on purchases above the XY value? Free shipping can also be a powerful marketing tool to increase cart value. Did we try and test all the options before settling on the one we use today?

How much do additional items on the invoice, such as postage, COD fee, shipment insurance and the like, bring us?

Small additional services that customers are used to and do not “resent” from us can have a crucial impact on our business and improve profitability. Are we using all the options that are on the market? We must keep in mind that these services provide a 100% margin and thus significantly affect our bottom line.

Why choose QONVERTO?

We think ahead. We don't think. We always listen first, advise later.

The team that will work on your project consists of both experts in financial analysis, company operations, and the biggest experts in digital marketing. The more (experienced) heads, the more they know!

Cooperation in practice


We agree to cooperate, sign an NDA, and give us access to your data.


Based on your data, we prepare initial questions.


We conduct an interview where we define the essential characteristics of your business and operations.


We perform an in-depth analysis and present the results.


By agreement, we add certain items and break down your business in even more detail.


Based on past results, we can together make a detailed plan for the rest of the current or upcoming year.

What does the QONVERTO financial analysis bring you?

A clear focus on where you need to direct your energy to achieve maximum performance.

A better understanding of the key success indicators you are achieving and how they affect your bottom line.

Understanding what are the key daily decisions you or your employees make.

More precise planning and subsequent understanding of the results you will achieve on a monthly basis.

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