Ecommerce strategy and business model

An ecommerce strategy based on a business model that will generate profits and integrate into the overall strategy of the company or be the basis of business for ecommerce companies.

What it includes:

Business model overview

  • Business model (customer acquisition, repeat purchases, referrals, etc.)
  • Value proposition for customers (products, product positioning, content aspects and approaches, sales prices
  • Ecommerce competition strategy
  • Brand definition (for new brands), ecommerce brand development strategy

Growth strategy and other components

  • Growth strategy (international growth VS local focus, products, channels, etc.)
  • Key growth assumptions and a comprehensive design of experiments to validate the assumptions
  • Distribution strategy (direct sales, Amazon, online marketplaces, etc.)
  • Advertising channel strategy (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Google, influencers, affiliate, native, recommendations, comparators, etc.) and advertising strategy
  • Operational strategy (internal organization VS outsourcing, logistics, customer support, online store management)
  • Technical strategy (ecommerce platform, integration with accounting, integration with shipping, etc.)

Example: Ecommerce strategy for:


Sugaronly is a project we are working on in partnership with another company and is our own. We have also invested our own funds in it. For Sugaronly, we have developed an overall brand strategy from the outset, defined the target customer and built an integrated business model based on that.

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