Ecommerce marketing

Integrated ecommerce marketing activities to acquire customers and drive repeat purchases. We maintain 100% focus on the economics model and profitability creation according to the outlined business model.

What it includes:

Managing advertising activities

  • Setting up and optimizing advertising campaigns (FB, IG, TikTok, LinkedIn
  • Influencer marketing (cooperation with nano, micro and brand influencers at home and abroad) for FB, IG and TikTok
  • Native and affiliate advertising, cooperation with online marketplaces and comparators
  • Setting up email automation and sending email newsletters (strategy, design, segmentation), SMS campaigns

Preparation of required creative materials

  • Production of video and photo material
  • Production of UGCs
  • Montage of existing materials and preparation of effective ads for FB, IG, TikTok
  • Product photography and preparation of banners for the online store

Example: Ecommerce marketing


When we started working with Sourdoughmania and the owner of the brand Anita Šumer, she made it clear that she wanted to create additional products and content, run workshops, write books, etc., but she left the whole implementation of digital marketing and online sales, which she herself does not have enough knowledge about, to us. So we agreed to update the Slovenian webshop and set up a new one in English. We are responsible for advertising both stores, as well as managing both stores, importing new products, preparing new landing pages, we have also implemented the Learndash platform for online courses and re-arranged email segmentation, etc. In short, we are carrying out all necessary ecommerce marketing activities for the Sourdoughmania project.

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