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May 12 / 9am – 4 pm


Wespa Business & Lounge, Radnička cesta 52, 10000 Zagreb





Be a part of one of the most exciting e-commerce events in Croatia!

Learn from some of the best presenters in the industry that will share concrete cases on how they helped build e-commerce companies through difficult times and managed to achieve and maintain +8 figure numbers not only in the Balkans and East Europe but also in the West.

Additionally, TikTok representatives will unveil the latest advertising features and successful showcases from Europe on how to acheive great ROAS on this platform.

This event is perfect for all business owners and decision-makers in online business. If you need to grow your e-commerce business in revenue and profit, you will hear concrete cases from people who did and are doing it. No theory, only practical advice!

The conference will be held in English

Here's what you'll learn about:

  • How to control your business numbers in order to make the right decisions on a daily level?
  • Which growth model helps you focus on all important tasks to achieve growth?
  • Which advertising tactics to use to grow locally and abroad?
  • Tips & tricks of influencer marketing and extensive UGC production.
  • TikTok  – advertising tips & best practices?
  • How to track everything – so you never miss anything?
  • Chat GTP is here – how to use it in everyday business (also in our local languages)?
  • Your team needs to have one northern star – which one is it?
  • How to build a new brand in a systematic way?






Rok Hrastnik

Extreme Growth Through ECOMnomics

Rok got two ecommerce businesses to €50M+/year and will share his unique approach to accelerating growth based on foundational economic ecommerce principles. You will learn how to steer growth, use key ECOMnomic KPIs, and navigate between core growth models, no matter where your business is right now. Differentiation  between customer acquisition and customer retention and understanding its costs for each is key to success.

Rok is part of the Slovenian and international e-commerce scene since 2003. Built ecommerce at Studio Moderna from 0 to a team of 150+ employees across 22 markets. He later helped transform Sensilab into an e-commerce first company and grow through the EU, becoming a branded dietary supplements online leader in Europe. He now helps various companies grow online and is involved in a series of e-commerce startups in different field. He recently launched Not a blur content hub, where he managed to extract all of his vast experience and knowledge into a series of digital classes and check points that is a must read and see for every ecomm marketer.

Jure Knehtl

The ECOM Scaling Checklist and framework for NOW

In his presentation JK will show you the proven frameworks that he uses to scale brands to 8-figures in 2023. The ECOM industry is changing a lot in the last few years, and it’s getting harder and harder, but there are still a lot of opportunities to grow. If you want to learn how to combine scalable acquisition channels, create multiple sources of content creation that will perform, find the high-converting offer and landing pages and develop the retention strategies to scale your ECOM store, this one is a must.

He is a marketer and expert in scaling e-commerce businesses with over 8 years of experience. During this time, he helped generate 190 Mio € eCommerce revenue by developing a customized marketing mix to maximize the brandformance for fast-growing European and International companies.
In 2018-2019, he built the whole marketing department from scratch and reached explosive growth of a bootstrapped eCommerce business from 0 to 40 Mio € revenue, selling products in more than 10 localized markets in Europe and managing the biggest paid social budget in the region.
He holds a record 27,000 products sold a day by winning the hearts and minds of customers by leveraging Meta ads, TikTok, Influencer marketing, scientific performance-oriented creatives, going global, and retention channels.
In 2020, he founded the Boutique DTC Growth agency WeScale, which quickly grew to 20+ team members in 3 years by fueling the growth of businesses to reach 7 and 8 figures in revenue.


Katya Nazarova

Performance on TikTok

TikTok is becoming advertising platform that is generating big bucks for e-commerce’s. While in USA already took important budget share for advertising from Meta, Europe is falling a bit behind. However, we have more and more cases how brands and companies successfully used TikTok not only for TOF advertising, but also generating direct response with strong ROAS. Katya will present all the latest options how to advertise on TikTok (available in most of Europe) and what else is soon to come.

Katya Nazarova has a PhD in quantum physics and is a winner of several international competitions in the field of physics. But she was attracted by international career and thus ended up in a Tech sector. She worked 6 years at Meta, before joining TikTok team in Warsaw, where is now Business Partnership lead and working with biggest TikTok clients in the region. She claims, TikTok Will not only achieve Meta’s growth, but go even much further than this in years to come.


Tim Berce

How to hire & train ChatGPT to work instead of you?

ChatGPT was born only a few months ago and it rattled the world upside down. Why did it surprise us so much? What is the real value of it and how companies can implement language models for automating their processes? Why is fine-tuning the priority no. 1? And what can we achieve with it in real life? Tim will present how AI is helping business and agencies become faster and more effective and will share concrete cases.

Tim Berce, the co-founder of Automatic Content, has a diverse background in marketing, beginning his career in direct response marketing and later serving as the head of email marketing for a large international digital marketing agency. He also worked as the head of content for a leading multinational retailer, where he led content teams and developed B2C and B2B strategies. In addition, Tim worked as a marketing consultant with companies across the US, Europe, and the Middle East. As a co-founder of Automatic Content, Tim now focuses on building fine-tuned AI language models paving the way for the future of AI-generated content.


Bojan Šturm

How to systematically build a brand from zero?

Advertising the new fashion brand Sugaronly started in May 2022. In the next 5 months a series of tests was performed (portfolio management, creatives, meta advertising, influencers, retention activities etc) to confirm the originally defined hypothesis. However, the results did not go as planned. Therefore the initial strategy was re-evaluated & different ways of attacking the market were initiated. By the end of 2022 the project reached break-even on direct costs.

Working in various positions in Sales and Management (even in Colombia, SA) and completing his MBA studies at IEDC, he joined Studio Moderna where he was first Director of the Print and Telemarketing sales channels and then Deputy Director of Internet Sales, where he was primarily responsible for the sales network and for increasing sales to over 100 million annually. After a rich career spanning over 15 years, he decided to venture into entrepreneurial waters and he founded Qonverto with his partners and became CEO. One of their main projects is building a new brand in fashion Sugaronly.


Tilen Gašperšič

How I (almost) F**** up a €30M Business

Tilen will show how he managed to achieve stellar growth of his brands (fast consumer products) on the wave of Facebook ads but quickly ran into troubles due to poor management of operations, lack of controlling numbers, costs etc. The main issue was connected with tracking that he then solved with Florex. From that point on,  they were more diligent about their daily/weekly and monthly performance. After stabilising the business, he is now oriented to the future in order to achieve further growth.

Tilen has been working in digital marketing all his life. He started as a freelancer and was focused on PPC, building landing pages, affiliate marketing, SEO… you name it. In 2016 he founded 2DIGIT, a company that sells various brands, mostly fast consumer products in different categories. His company achieved 30+ million euros of revenue from the start of its operations, achieving growth of more than 500% YoY. He also expanded his operations to software production, building a SaaS ERP for e-commerce brands called SARA and Florex, profit tracking tool specialised for COD markets.

Marko Mikeš

How to think about creatives on Facebook & Instagram?

Creative solutions are very important for campaign success on Meta platforms. In this lecture you will learn how to unlock new creative teritory. Best practices, tips and tricks and  examples of great creative concept development will inspire you and help you ensure your campaigns deliver the best results for your business.

Experienced marketing professional with a track record of driving business growth through sales and marketing strategy development for different clients in different niches in B2C and B2B field. 10+ experience working with agencies – dentsu and Degordian and currently working as Meta Client Partner at Httpool with a main responsibility of achieving the result’s delivery in Croatia for Meta partners and building, retaining and growing dedicated book of business. Marketing awards: 3x Effies, 2x MIXX, 1x BalCannes


Tadej Bogataj

CartBoss - a text messaging solution for recovering abandoned carts

Tadej will show the pros and cons of using text messages in E-commerce businesses, where they are successful and where they are not. 
He will share advanced insights into the results their users are achieving based on the country and the type of shop/products they are selling. 
Tadej has been a part of the Ecommerce industry from his early starts. He started a web development company working with medium to large e-commerce companies that operate in multiple EU countries. One major part of the company was conversion optimization. 
CartBoss was started with his business partner Damjan Malis and is so far considered a go-to tool for recovering abandoned carts. Tadej focuses on day-to-day operations at CartBoss and long-term plans for the growth of the company. 

Petra Gorečan

Mastering the E-commerce Game: A Tale of Millenials, Innovation, and 13 Million Euros in 5 Years

Petra will share the journey of a millennial e-commerce brand that started from scratch and scaled to an impressive €13 million in revenue within just five years. The presentation will cover essential steps and strategies involved in building a successful e-commerce brand, including: Starting a brand from scratch, Launching, testing, optimizing, and scaling, The channel mix in marketing, and Being agile, fast, and thinking one step ahead of the competition.

Petra is an e-commerce powerhouse with 8 years of experience in e-commerce building brands and focusing on customer acquisition. As the mastermind behind the brand TummyTox, Petra built this millennial brand from scratch and scaled it from 0 to 13 million euros by skillfully understanding customer needs and crafting compelling visuals for the right audience.  Prior to her entrepreneurial journey with TummyTox, Petra worked as a performance client partner for Meta at Httpool, collaborating with leading e-commerce clients in the Balkan region.

Dario Begonja

Turning the usual e-commerce chaos into order (& scaling it to a 7-figure business)

Dario will show you specific examples of chaos & order from Croatian e-commerce market, based on the in-depth analysis of 200+ webshops in the last 3 years. Among other cases, he’ll show you the building blocks of ROX Beauty, scaling from a small local webshop to a strong regional competitor. If you have a feeling of no clear direction and no plan to scale) your e-commerce activities and goals – and you want to achieve order, good-quality planning and reliable growing results, you’ll get many answers.

Dario is the co-founder and manager of Hero Factory and began his career in copywriting and marketing strategies for US and EU markets, moving on to startup and marketing agency work, then serving as a regional head of business development for a strong global provider of logistics solutions. He is now a manager and a marketing & business development consultant in Hero Factory, working with EU-based clients. He’s also working with eCommerce Association in Croatia, analysing and advising many domestic webshops, as well as being a jury member for eComm Awards Croatia.

Boris Zatezalo

CAPI & lift tests - Meta tools for better performance

Conversion API, Brand and Conversion lifts, are the powerful tools for increasing sales and testing incrementality. Through the lecture we will define the importance of these tools and what are the benefits. In the world of cookieless and a lot of different creative solutions, companies must choose the right one and have the right direction to reach their goals. 

Boris started his career at Degordian, where he worked for 9 years. After developing in the Account Management team where he operated client accounts, he became the team leader and later took on the Client Service and Business Development Director role. He has completed 100+ large projects, of which around 30 have been awarded major domestic and international awards such as Effie, MIXX, IdejaX, FWA, Awwwwards, and many others. Currently, he works as a Meta Lead for Croatia at Httpool, focusing on the development and improvement of clients related to work on Meta platforms.

Marina Kostková

Fundamentals of affiliate marketing in the West and in the region

Affiliate marketing is a very popular sales channel in the West and used by the leading eshops, such as AboutYou, Booking, Philips, Dormeo, FactCool, Gant, Sensilab, Notino, Answear, XXXLutz, Emmezeta, BigBang etc. Main advantage is that it is based on a pre-agreed commission award for the publisher that is paid only if there is a purchase done for the eshop (only completed and not returned order counts). Affiliate technologies provide results and reporting, including transparent traffic and source of your incoming traffic. In comparison to traditional bidding marketing tools, in affiliate you set-up your commission based on your goals and KPIs. The most commonly used is Situational commissioning. Thus, affiliate is a sales channel where you are in full control over your costs and you can maximize your performance. 

Marina is a Business Development Manager in VIVnetworks, that specializes in the affiliate sales channel as the largest affiliate network in Central and Eastern Europe and is part of  the world affiliate leader She graduated in economics and has rich experience in working on commission awards for retailers, on which the affiliate principle of cooperation is based. Its goal is spreading successful affiliate models from the West in the ecommerce companies in the Adria region. 

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